Retro Ilumination


Channel letter signs are a superior signage choice for many applications. Each set of channel letters has an individual structure and separate illumination, resulting in a professional and highly visible signage presentation.

Channel letters are one of the most common type of signs used on building exteriors.

Imagine the name of your company “in lights” featuring your preferred colors, fonts and other features. The flexibility and affordability is what makes these signs a great choice for many customers.

Channel letter signs can be produced in almost any font, color or size. This flexibility permits channel letter specifications to be matched exactly to your specific needs.

Front Lit

The “normal” style of channel letters offers a translucent front and solid back. The light shines through the letters themselves.

Back Lit

With this style light, the front of the letters are solid and the back is open, allowing light to escape and form a halo-like effect.
(Reverse or “halo” lit)

Front & Back

Produce illumination from both the front and back of the letter giving a bright face to letter while also allowing light to escape from the back of letter to form a halo-like effect.


This is the most cost effective option where lettering is manufactured from a 20mm condensed plastic material. The result is still very effective and can be used where there is sufficient lighting in the area of the sign.

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